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Luxor Product


- Can be applied on curved surface - Waterproof - UV resistant - Low power consumption - Durable - High flexibility - No dazzling - Temperature resistance (-30°~+120°) The film thickness is <70 microns

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    Transportation Related
    Automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles, etc.
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    Computer Peripheral Related
    Mouse, keyboard, hard disk, computer, etc.
  • Customized Products
    Safety helmets, masks, shoes, toys, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
What do you need to know about electronic products and Luxor?
The following are some basic knowledge about Luxor ----

Luxor needs alternating current (AC) to generate light; direct current (DC) does not emit light. An inverter may be needed in order to convert the DC.

Voltage -
Luxor usually operates at a voltage between 100v AC and 200v AC, but it can operate between 80v AC and 400v AC. Excessive voltage will affect the service life!

Frequency -
Luxor usually operates at a frequency of 400Hz to 1600Hz, and can operate at 50Hz and 2000Hz. This frequency would affect its brightness performance

Inverter -
The inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) ~ small inverter can be used for area of 100 square centimeters ~ large inverter can be used for area of 5000 square centimeters, and special specifications can also be customized!

Dry battery -
The battery provides direct current, which can be converted to alternating current by an inverter.

Battery -
Luxor can run directly from the car or car battery using an inverter.

Electronic output -
Frequency and voltage changes will affect Luxor's brightness and life.

Power Consumption -
Luxor consumes about 0.03~1 milliampere per square centimeter!

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