Company Background


With Experience and Perfection

Luxor Electronics Int. Co. Ltd. was found in 2019.

Product development initial in 2015,development and preparation, we are proudly present the high-quality electroluminescent (EL) paint.

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    Luxor Theory
    The luminescent material is composed of four different paints, which is then excited by an AC electricfield.
    variables. The emerge of cold light source needs to go through a whole set of matching design inverter to drive the required voltage and frequency with consideration on the eliminating area, environment and other factors.
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    Luxor Structure
    Conductive Paint

    Dielectric Paint
    FluorescentI Paint
    Transparent Conductive Paint

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    Luxor Applications
    3CElectronics, Bicycles, Architecture, Interior design LOGO, ICON apparel, Footwear, Advertising Signs,
    Banners, Materials with